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My Health Coaching Mission

My mission as a functional medicine health coach is to guide people on their journey to healthier, more fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own well-being.

My Health Coaching Goal

My goal as a health coach is to guide you to transformation by harnessing your intrinsic values. As a team, you and I will take a look at four key components of healthy living and assess where you are and where you want to be. Whether you face challenges with one or all four of these components, your wellness is in your hands.


Keeping your body moving keeps the journey going. The type of movement is not the focus, it's the enjoyment that counts. Love to hate it, but hate to love it. Let's find a way you like to move.


Food is information that tells your body how to perform. It is the foundation of how we move and feel. Find the food that speaks best to your body and mind.


The amount and quality of sleep you get is proving to be more important than movement and nutrition. We can create a better rest and recover cycle for you.

positive behavior

Practicing positivity and healthy behaviors will allow you to lift the weight and glide. We won't focus on what you lack. We will enhance what you possess. 


What is a Health Coach?

Health and Wellness Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance well-being. In the course of their work health and wellness coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, and honoring that each client is an expert on his or her life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

What a Health Coach is Not

A health coach is not a doctor, psychologist, registered dietician, practitioner, or any other licensed healthcare professional. A health coach may also be another healthcare professional and will be held to their highest credential. Here is a health coach's Scope of Practice


"I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself."

LONE MAN (isna-la-wica) - Teton Sioux


Brief about me

My name is Christopher Joyce and I am a health coach with a functional medicine emphasis. My love and passion for wellness coaching began when I joined the United States Marine Corps in 2007. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in 2009 where I led and mentored Marines. I was greatly inspired by my fellow Marines as we grew personally and professionally together, encouraging each other to live better lives. From there, I have been taking those concepts of lifestyle growth and improvement to my friends, family, co-workers, hockey teammates, and my lacrosse team that I coach. In 2017 I discovered the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy health coaching certification program. I joined their training as soon as I could to further promote health and wellness to those seeking it. As you'll see, I fully embrace "the path" metaphor.


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