JUST DO IT! Learn how to silence the NO’s and say YES.

I’ve had this site up for a while now, and I’m finally getting to my first blog post. Quick timeout to celebrate - WOOT! Okay, enough of that, back to the post. Why did I wait so long? Truth is, I just didn’t do it. I’ve been doing a lot of other things that I’ve never done before. For example, backcountry skiing. I’ve snowboarded most of my life, never skied. I saw folks do it while hiking Castle Peak, thought “Hey, I want to do that.” Hence, I bought skis and did it! And it was a blast, and worked muscles I don’t normally work that hard which is my absolute favorite thing from trying a new activity.

So, why didn’t I just do it? Can’t say it was lack of free time because that’s just laziness. It’s not a lack of content. I have plenty to write about, trust me. Perhaps I was reluctant to write anything because I don’t think I have an audience. WHO CARES! I enjoy writing, so I’m going to DO IT! I asked myself if what I write has been written about or is even worth writing about. DOESN’T MATTER! Just write. A good blog post now is better than a great blog post 6 months later.

This applies to everything! Want to plan a trip to Hawaii? Don’t spend months planning it and researching the hell out of it, take a few 15 minute research sessions, ask your friends and family throughout the week, and BOOM! You’re ready to go to Hawaii. If you spend months planning the perfect trip, you’ll find plenty of reason not to go to Hawaii - need to spend money on other things, not sure what island to go to, not sure if you should snorkel at this reef or dive this cove, should we eat at this luau or that one? Just say yes and get after it!

So how do we accomplish this? Once an idea is proposed, and we decided to take on this new adventure, we have answered the first YES/NO question successfully. Now we move onto execution. There are endless factions out there that want you to say NO to executing your plans. Finances, responsibilities, other desires, other goals. We can allow those factions to decide NO for us, or we can simply say YES to the new idea. Yes, priorities are important, so make sure that this new idea is up there on the priority list before you say NO to other priorities. Prioritize the factions and execute your plan, sooner than later.

Is it really that easy? Yes. it’s 50/50, a coin flip. You can either do something or not. Choose the producing activity over the consuming activity. Use discipline to say YES. Don’t rely on motivation, it tends to be inconsistent. But what is consistent is discipline. Discipline is saying YES instead of NO. And executing is not allowing any NO’s to dictate your actions.

So get out there and say YES to your old wish and new goals!

Thank you for reading.

Christopher JoyceComment