Produce more and consume less!

We are bombarded with media everywhere. Magazines pile up on your kitchen counters. Emails galore. Shopping malls, grocery stores, Amazon shopping sprees. Fast food, luxury dining, food trucks, vending machines, bar hopping. Radio, podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, audiobooks. I’m producing media myself, this very instant, and you’re consuming it! You probably just watched Netflix recently, or have plans to rewatch Game of Thrones. since you’ve heard the final season is finally coming! Yes, I’m guilty of that. There’s an infinite amount to consume. But how often are we producing that content?

Besides your job, which is an obligatory system of production, what do you produce? Do you create art? Do you write? Ever want to make a video? Ever want to go hunting or try jiu jitsu? How about improving yourself? Or improving your home? Or improving your relationships with people? If you do these things on a regular basis, GREAT! Try to produce more. If you don’t, consider the following states of consuming:

  1. Consume only - intake without output. Example: watching The Office for the twelfth time!

  2. Consume while you produce - intake while outputting something different. Example: listening to a podcast while working out.

  3. Consume to produce - intake to create output. Example: taking archery lessons to learn how to bow hunt to obtain meat.

Our everyday, subliminal goal should be to do minimal consume only. I’m not saying spend every moment outside of work to produce something. We can find a balance of perhaps produce while you consume, or instead of consume something without an output, consume something that will improve you or help someone else. Here are some tips and examples:

  • Instead of watching something with high entertainment value and low educational value:

    • go exercise - walk, run, go to the gym, meditate.

    • create art - draw, paint, sculpt, play music, write.

    • clean your home or your car

    • meal prep

    • meet with friends, call your family

    • watch something educational like a documentary or how-to DIY something

  • If you’re going to consume media, do the things above while you consume media:

    • sit on a balance ball instead of the couch, stretch, or lift weights

    • alternate from listening to music to listening to an audiobook or a podcast while driving to work. Learn something about a skill or current events.

I get it, sometimes you just need to decompress from work/life stresses. You should decompress, reset, neutralize, balance yourself out. Just consider a better alternative to do that besides aimlessly consume. Take a walk, sit down and focus on your breathing. Don’t turn on Grey’s Anatomy and zone out, don’t get lost for 30 minutes on Facebook or Instagram. Actually tune in to yourself, into others, into your home. Consuming less and producing more will improve your life by bringing more intention to your living,. It will improve your body and your mind. It will strengthen your relationship with yourself and with others.

How do you do it? JUST DO IT! Check out my previous blog on how to stop saying NO and start saying YES.

Give it a try, let me know what things you change. And if you need help, let me know, we can make the change happen!

Thanks for reading.

Christopher JoyceComment