Brew your own Kombucha! Quick and to the point.

Brew your own Kombucha! Why?

  • It’s GOOD for you - right off the bat, you get probiotics, which is crucial for a healthy gut. There’a ton of science explaining this, I won’t go into it. Do the research. Also, you get polyphenols, a potent antioxidant.

  • It’s EASY - if you can boil water, brew tea, add a few ingredients, and be patient, then you can make your own kombucha.

  • It’s CHEAPER than store bought kombucha - bottled kombucha can be pricey, brewing it yourself will be a fraction of the cost. Buying the necessary items for brewing kombucha can be expensive, but it’s a purchase that will pay for itself if you continue to DIY versus store bought.

  • It TASTES BETTER than store bought kombucha - you betcha, not much more to add.

  • It’s a great SUBSTITUTE FOR SODA - instead of drinking high fructose corn syrup which is pretty much POISON, kombucha offers the carbonation and sweetness of soda without the high levels of sugar. There is some sugar in kombucha, but you can decrease the amount of sugar by brewing it longer (this will make it more vinegary.)

I won’t go into how to brew it because there are a million recipes. I’ll post a few links below of how to brew a batch and let you experiment. Here are just a few tips I’ve learned over the years about brewing your own kombucha:

  • STERILIZE - make sure everything used in the brewing process is clean and sterilized by either using boiling water and/or vinegar. Be careful using dish soap, as it can kill the very bacteria you’re trying to grow! If you use soap, make sure you rinse thoroughly.

  • USE GLASS and STAINLESS STEEL - glass is the only choice for the brewing vessels, don’t use plastic. Use stainless steel cooking utensils versus plastic or wood.

  • RATIOS - similar to baking, using the correct ingredient ratios is crucial for brewing a proper batch of kombucha. Why? You’re dealing with living organisms in your brew, so they need the right environment to be alive and well. pH levels, sugar content, tea content, and temperature all play a role in your brew. Seems complicated, but if you follow the simple ratios and limits, the organisms will be good to go. No need to be exactly precise with your measurements, but be close.

  • VIGILANCE - there are a few things you need to keep an eye on if you are to brew your own kombucha:

    • The health of your SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)

    • The state of your brew as it ferments.

    • Temperature (see the articles below for details.)

Here are some links to recipes, tips, and info about brewing kombucha that I use for reference.

If you’re new to brewing kombucha, you might find it intimidating. DON’T BE AFRAID. Just try it. Let me know how it goes and reach out if you have any questions.


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