Fat Loss

Most folks have been in a position where they would like to shed some excess body fat, me included. Good news, it’s simple. Bad news, it’s NOT easy. BETTER news, we can make it happen. By harnessing the benefits of healthy nutrition, movement, sleep, and positive behaviors, it’s inevitable you will lose weight.

Muscle Gain

Looking to bulk up at the gym, build strength for life, or just maintain a healthy frame? We can discover the tools for your system that will allow your body to add lean muscle and strengthen your skeletal system.

Kitchen Clean-out

I visit your home and we go through what you have in the pantry, fridge, freezer, hidden spots, where ever you may store food. Together we will manage your food stores to contain only foods pertaining to your food plan.

Guided Shopping

Selecting the correct food can be confusing and overwhelming. Confused by nutrition labels? What is cage-free versus free range eggs? Grass fed versus vegetarian fed? Is this food organic? Does my grocery store have the food on my food plan? What store do I need to go to if my store does not have the right food? Want to explore farmer markets? Together we can visit your usual stores or explore new markets to help you discover healthy foods.

Cannabis Education

New to using cannabis as a medicine against cancer, anxiety, depression, inflammation, headaches, etc.? Not sure what dose or strand to get? Not sure whether to smoke cannabis or ingest it? I can educate you (not prescribe) on all of these questions plus more, including visiting cannabis shops with you and constructing a conducive environment for your experience.

In-Person Sessions

Health coaching sessions face-to-face, person to person, the good old-fashion way. We can meet where ever is most convenient for the both of us. Typically my office would be ideal, but I'm not opposed to a park, trail, a quiet coffee shop, etc. Where ever the environment is most conducive for your change.

Telecommuting Sessions

Telecommuting can be very helpful for working around busy schedules, frequent traveling, distant clients, emergency sessions, or if it is simply more convenient. We can use tools like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or phone.

Scheduled Sessions

A Scheduled Session must be scheduled at least a week in advanced. 

Unscheduled Sessions

An Unscheduled Session is for times when the unexpected occurs and a health coaching session is needed before a week in advance. This is not for medical emergencies. These sessions will pertain to my scope of practice. Examples of these unscheduled sessions may be needed coaching on an existing goal, coaching on a spontaneous goal, or whatever you think I may help you with. I will try my hardest to accommodate your request, but I can not guarantee a hasty session.



If interested in any of the services above, contact me below to discuss pricing, packages, monthly plans, etc.

Veterans pay what they want, but must pay something to buy into your goals, literally and spiritually.

Refer my services to a friend or family member and receive discounted services. Discounts will be assessed on a case by case basis.


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