Scope of Practice

The following was taken from FMCA Health Coach Scope of Practice

Functional Medicine (Certified) Health Coaches DO:

● Encourage clients to discover what they want to achieve without telling them what they “should” work towards.

● Let clients define their idea of “optimal” wellness as it applies to their life and support clients in defining a clear vision of where they want to go.

● Help clients identify the changes they need to make in lifestyle habits.

● Help clients build confidence in their ability to make the desired changes.

● Encourage clients to set their own goals that are specific and achievable.

● Help clients come up with strategies to overcome obstacles that might get in the way of their desired change.

● Inspire by truly believing in their client’s ability to change and imparting this belief.

● Encourage the client to take responsibility and make choices that they have come up with.

● Ask more questions than provides answers.

● Refer clients to appropriately trained health professionals for specific advice or consultation.

● Guide, advocate for, and support your client.

Functional Medicine (Certified) Health Coaches DO NOT do:

● Suggest what the client should be doing such as prescribing meal plans or dietary modifications.

● Tell their client what steps are necessary.

● Encourage the client to adopt the coaches own nutritional philosophy, exercise program or other behavioral routine that they may be passionate about and has worked for them.

● Take on the responsibility for the client’s results and disempower them in any way.

● Judge a client by their own standards and beliefs.

● Coerce or control the client in any way.

● Use their own experience to influence the client to adopt any particular regime.

● Educate the client in an area that they are not suitably qualified to speak on.

● Modify or alter IFM Food plans, resources, etc.

● Diagnose or treat symptoms or medical conditions.

● Prescribe, interpret, or recommend food plans, supplements, lab tests, or exercise programs.



This is your path to health

You are the hiker and I am the mountain guide. Together we can look at the map, assess where we are, plan a route, and gather tools for the hike. But you will have to tie your boots, put on your pack, take each step. At some point the path may be tough, you may get lost, you may want to turn back, but I will be there with you to reassess, look at the map, review the route, inventory our tools, and continue to hike. We will get to the top. When we get there, it will not be me who drives a flag into the summit, it will be you.